söndag 17 mars 2013

I very happy that has written about Sneakerliv.
You can read it here:

I´m myself a big fan of SneakerFreaker and have more or less all issues (and I´m a subscriber) so being mentioned by them is a very big deal for me. :)

Thanks to Oliver and the SneakerFreaker crew!

I´ve been in contact with a few sneakersites and hope that they will write about Sneakerliv in the coming days.

If you run a sneakersite and liked Sneakerliv let other sneakerheads know about it.
I mean, how many Swedish sneakerdocumentarys is there? :)


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  1. Hey! I am currently living in Sweden and I am having trouble to find a good sneaker-shop or any magazine shop here in Sweden to give a monthly dosage of good sneaker news. I want to subscribe to Sneaker Freaker (so bad) but a friend said that it will really expensive because of the shipping? Also, I tired looking for a site/store that would give me a monthly magazine but most of them or all of these websites, only sell per copy. I hope that someone could help me. Thank you so much. :-) -Mae